Friday, March 12, 2010

The American Legion Honors CA Jose Chavez and the late Jack Grogan

The American Legion for many years has honored Firefighers through their Public Safety Awards Program. This year they have chosen CA Jose Chavez and the late Jack Grogan and family to receive the award for Sustained Superior Service for 2010 for their continuing effort in making the City of San Jose a "Heart Safe City". The Heart Safe City project's mission statement is as follows, "Reduce morbidity and mortality associated with cardiac related events" Through CA Chavez' and Jack's dedicated effort the City of San Jose will soon increase the number of AED's from 160 to 500. The program will also dramatically increase the number of residents and visitors to San Jose trained in CPR. The first year program goal would be 20,000 people. The Awards Dinner is scheduled for March 20th 2010 at 5pm. Please contact Garry McLeod for more event information (408) 772-8827. CA Chavez and the late Jack Grogan have demonstrated in their actions a commitment to public safety and through their efforts the entire City of San Jose will benefit. Congratulations.

CA Rangel###

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